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JD`s Jimmy Doom Norman Milwaukee Muscle Jimmy Doom Norman Milwaukee Muscle

Above are examples of what’s known in the trade as traditional performance engines.

The one on the far left has STD heads on for a conventional single carb set up. The other two are using my XR spec A34 twin carb heads.

The pair of VM44 Mikunis are to be replaced by 50mm Lectrons for more air flow as these heads run 2.100" intake valves, engine sizes can be from 107" with a 4" bore or 120" with a 4.250" bore, these will all use Delkron cases in the future.

Header pipes are 2" and are tuned lengths these are hand made in house to suit the customers chassis.

Cylinders are cast iron Hyper Performance,or can use our 4" or 4 1/4" A34 LM25 alloy cylinders with spigoted ductile iron liners, the Mag is Morris and the spark can jump 3/4" at 300 rpm these run with no battery or charging system.