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JD`s Jimmy Doom Norman Milwaukee Muscle Jimmy Doom Norman Milwaukee Muscle

Flow-Tech racing is the competition side of Milwaukee Muscle and was established back in the early 80`s before Milwaukee Muscle kicked off, back then the tuning work was with the early Z900/1000 GPZ1100 GS1000 GSX1100 and EFE engines and these were tuned for fast street use and run what u brung drag racing.

By around 87/88 the Honda challenge and super sport series had just begun and we had teamed up with Jim Moodie and started to tune the CBR600`s for the supersport series and also the RC30`s and OWO1`s for the superbike series as the cc`s were reduced down from the 1000cc F1 bikes due to the power levels getting to much at that time on the old dinosaurs.

In them days we built full race bikes and engines for the likes of the late great Andy MaGladdery, Jim Moodie, Brian Nicholson, Doug Harris, Ray Stringer, Honda UK and a few other tuning company’s. All the tuning work was for top national level and covered short circuit, TT and the North West 200 in Ireland.

We are constantly in the process of developing the Suzuki GS1000 engine for both street and track use, we have our own one piece high flow race valves ONLY available from us and only supplied in our gas flowed GS heads. We also supply 1150 & 1237 angled matched piston kits with our own 8 plug ignition system and head conversions.

Prior dyno testing has seen 100FT-LB with 148 rear wheel HP @ 8800rpm on the 1237 engine. GS engines can be built to any spec from street to track day to a full blown XR69, we also can and do cover the GSX/r range for street, classic road racing and drag racing. FTR specialises in trick head work, welded & angled chambers, bronze guide and seat conversions, pro-boring, honing, plateau honing, flow-bench development work + a shit load more, street - track - strip.