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JD`s Jimmy Doom Norman Milwaukee Muscle Jimmy Doom Norman Milwaukee Muscle

We use align honing over lapping or align reaming were ever possible.

Lapping the pinion and rod races is a waste of time in my book you will never get as good surface finish or bore accuraces with lapping than you will get with honing.


Lapping is an out dated method and is prone to bell mouthing and taper, taking .005" out of a new 60 Rockwell race with a lap compared with a diamond hone is a nightmare, I know cause I`ve been there.

Hones over reamers give a better surface finish and the size can be controlled, a reamers size is fixed. Honing needs some serious measuring gear as your working to tenths of a thou or microns 100th of a millimetre.

We have proper gauges and indicator mics for this, standard mics arn`t up to the job.